Your Docs Are Your Code

This post will be a brief one with a simple yet powerful thesis: your code’s docs are your code.

If you publish a project or library or tool with insufficient or poor documentation, whatever you published is rubbish, regardless how brilliant or elegant the code might be. So many developers fail to understand this very basic and essential concept it’s quite disheartening. There is a direct connection and correlation between the quality of your docs with usage and adoption of aforementioned code/library/tool and not paying attention to them is a disservice to your project and other developers.

If you are so arrogant to think that your code is self-documenting or the API so obvious that doesn’t need proper documentation (or docs at all!), don’t be surprised if you’re the only one who ends up using it. To the end-user, your end user (the developer in this case), the documentation is the code – full stop. If you close PRs or issues because they are documentation and in your opinion they aren’t worth your time or overhead, I will outright say: you are doing it wrong.