PyCon Tutorial Committee Wants You

Every year the PyCon Tutorials Committee is in charge of evaluating, selecting and organizing all the tutorials that take place every year (usually two days and take place right before the conference proper starts). We have to go through tens, if not hundreds, of tutorial proposals spanning a plethora of subject matters.

Much like every year, we need volunteers. More specifically, we badly need impartial subject matter experts willing to volunteer 2-4 hours per week, starting in late September or early October. Ideally, you aren’t submitting a tutorial proposal, but this is not a hard requirement. Below is a non-exhaustive list of subjects we would like to have experts in (Python):

  • automation
  • testing
  • cloud technologies
  • machine learning
  • data science (numpy, scikit, IPython, etc.)
  • web frameworks
  • data mining
  • big data
  • security

If you want to volunteer as an expert for any of the subjects above, please ping me on Twitter @WallOfFire or via email ruben-dot-orduz at gmail-dot-com